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Is Your Backyard Ready for Summer?

March 31, 2021

Spring season is upon us and Summer will be here before you know it!

For most areas along the West Coast, longer nights and warmer days are ahead. Now is the time to focus on your home’s exterior. If you’re listing, it’s your home’s first impression! Or, perhaps, you just want to kick back and enjoy being outside this summer! Whatever your reason may be, here are some helpful tips that will add some extra love to your home's exterior.

Plant the Seed

Set the scene with flowering plants and shrubs. Spend the next month planting seeds and laying mulch, rock, or stone. End of April is ideal for warm-season flowers to be seeded outdoors. Keep in mind, you will want to clearly mark the areas where you plant your seeds so you can easily spot weeds.

Get Ready to Entertain

Long summer nights and warm weather means entertaining! A great entertainer’s backyard requires planning. Often, we place barbeques arbitrarily in our backyard and forget to use them. A well-planned barbeque area should have three components: a kitchen, a dining area, and a seating area. To easily entertain guests while cooking, place these three spaces together, regardless of how big your backyard area is. Get creative! Incorporate a deck, fountain, swing, etc. to make it feel like a true summer escape.

Protect and Shade

The hot summer months can wreak havoc on an outdoor deck and furniture. Check your backyard for any wood that needs to be revarnished and purchase a cover for your barbeque and patio furniture. This will protect against the sun or any summer storm damage. Provide ample shade for plants that may not withstand direct sunlight, and place potted plants in wet sand to keep them cool as temperatures rise.